Cradle Baby Bottle & Nipple Cleanser 500ml Refill Pack


Cradle is especially formulated with our babies’ safety in mind. Even with thorough rinsing, other dish washing cleansers leave chemicals that may be toxic and harmful to your baby. As parents, we do not want to compromise. That is why we put a lot of heart in how we create our products. With carefully chosen natural ingredients and extensive product testings, Cradle is proven safe, mild and non-toxic yet highly effective on cleaning tough milk residues and foul odours.

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Product Description

  • Non-toxic
  • Made from 100% natural & edible ingredients
  • Get rid of tough food & milk residue
  • Can be used to wash fruits & vegetables
  • Easily removes breast milk residue
  • Passed: DOST Oral Toxicity Test
  • FDA Approved


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