Euky Bear Steam Vaporizer


  • All-night relief for colds, flu, bronchitis & croup
  • Creates a soothing flow of warm, moist steam to loosen congestion and make breathing easier
  • All-natural therapy suitable even for the littlest family members (from newborn)
  • Quietest vaporiser on the market: steams silently so it won’t disturb your rest
  • Australian owned & designed

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Product Description

    • Creates all-night natural steam vapours to help soothe irritated throats, thin phlegm and reduce coughing due to colds, flu, bronchitis or croup.
    • Raises humidity to healthier levels for easier breathing and comfort (especially in air-conditioned and low-humidity environments)
    • Hygienic: heating to create ‘warm steam’ kills bacteria unlike cool ‘mist’ humidifiers which may expel contaminated water droplets.
    • May be used from birth onwards – steam helps naturally relieve congestion and is suitable for the whole family
    • Can be used with an essential oil based inhalant such as Euky Bear Inhalant to enhance the effect of the steam vapours.
    • Features a safer, cool-touch water chamber and is specially designed so inhalant is added inside the chamber, out of reach of little fingers.
    • Proven the quietest vaporiser on the market


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