Iflin Baby My Handy Bamboo Washcloth & Napkin 6’s – Blue


Simply snap My Handy Bamboo Washcloth & Napkin along with your diaper bag and it will do its job for cleaning up all kinds of little messes in no time.

You can use it for:
– napkin during mealtimes
– washcloth during bath time
– washcloth for fever
– cleaning cloth for baby’s hands, face and drool
– handkerchief for kids

Available in Playful Blue or Playful Pink (6 pieces/box)

Size: 10 X 12 inches

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Product Description

The products are from Thailand and are all made of 70% silky soft bamboo fiber and 30% natural cotton and all have snaps for travel convenience.
Why Bamboo?
> Gentle & soft (great for baby’s skin, softer than cotton)
> Breathable
> Absorbent
> Anti-bacterial… less odor
> Environmental Friendly (planting bamboo prevents deforestation)


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