Euky Bear Blitz Nitz Solution 250ml


  • Kills head lice & eggs in 5 minutes
  • Contains natural essential oils
  • Does not contain chemical pesticides or insecticides
  • No harsh fumes and chemicals that would come in contact with children’s sensitive scalps or your hands
  • Smells good
  • Comes with a reusable shower cap
  • Suitable for children (age 2+) and adults
  • Australian made and owned

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Product Description

How to use Blitz Nitz Solution:

1. Apply the solution on wet or dry hair – from scalp to the ends. Make sure the hair is thoroughly covered with the solution – don’t forget behind the ears, it’s a favorite hiding spot of nits (lice eggs).

2. Put the shower cap on – make sure it covers the ears and hairline, including the back of the neck.

3. Leave the solution on for only 5 minutes.

4. Remove shower cap and rinse the hair thoroughly. Don’t forget to rinse your shower cap too. 🙂

5. Do the treatment 3 times – on Day 1, Day 7 & Day 14 to stop the lice life cycle. Why? Because if you miss to kill some eggs in one treatment, around 7 days, the hatchlings become adult lice and lay new eggs, re-starting the infestation. Every 7 days, new eggs hatch and become adult lice which lay new eggs. To stop the lice life cycle, use Euky Bear Blitz Nitz Solution on the following days: Day 1 – to kill the lice Day 7 – to kill any newly-hatched eggs Day 14 – one final time to kill all remaining hatchlings.

How does Blitz Nitz Lice Solution kill the lice and eggs?Blitz Nitz Lice Solution works by suffocating lice, thoroughly coating them in a special solution of essential oils so they cannot breathe. The formula is gentle on hair and scalp, harnessing the best of nature’s lice-fighting ingredients in a kid-friendly formula. As a bonus, Blitz Nitz Lice Solution is pleasant-smelling.


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